Angel noise from Detroit.

I’m going to be participating in a series of recording sessions/performances in the Michigan Underground Group. Essentially, we make pairings with other local experimental artists and just jam and record it.
We’ve already gotten some wonderful things done.

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Soft Noise Wall, by Various Artists


Ambient-Drone comp, where Error Humano is with the song “II” of rehearsal #12, free download, thanks to poetemauditnoise for lettings us being in this work. Spread the noise!!!

I’m really proud of how this comp turned out.

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New CDr released on Palinopsia Recordings.
Hellish Night CDr

New CDr release available, the first from Palinopsia Recordings, a promising new label out of Australia. 5 varied tracks from many sound sources dedicated to Arthur Rimbaud and inspired by his “Hellish Night” poem.

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Poète Maudit/Black Matter Phantasm

An online split with Black Matter Phantasm via Nahàsh Atrym Productions is now available.

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Split tape with Wallmaster now available.
Soft Noise Wall


To the fellow noise artists following me:

I’m currently curating a compilation.
The theme is of ambient drones, not-too-harsh noise walls.
Ten minute limit, lossless format, send off to:

So far we’ve got some big names on board. Richard Ramirez, jupitterlarsen, tannergarza, myself, and more.

Anyone can feel free to contact me with any further questions.

This has been spreading around pretty well…just want to say the deadline (October First) is getting close. If there’s anyone still wanting to contribute, you’d better get on it soon.

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I still have plenty of copies of my Vomir split available.

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